AHRI Certification



AHRI - Performance Certification

AERMEC S.p.A. participates to the AHRI certification program of Commercial Air Cooled Chiller Packages. The certified products are listed in the following web page.

The AHRI is the Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) trade association representing manufacturers of more than 90 percent of the air conditioning, heating and commercial refrigeration equipment installed in North America. AHRI is an internationally recognized leader in developing standards for and certifying the performance of these products.

The certification programs are voluntary and managed by AHRI and they consist of a comparison between the technical data declared in the manufacturer technical documentation and selection software, with the test results made by AHRI.

The independent trade association AHRI allows companies, that are certified by them, to use the logo AHRI in all the technical and commercial documentation. In case the AHRI tests shows lower performances then the data mentioned in the technical documentation and selection software, the manufactures must modify the data in compliances to tests results and the selection software in order to keep the AHRI certification.

AHRI has the objective to provide to the engineering companies, consultants and contractors a list of certified products of different manufacturers in order to have a reliable comparison of the performances.

AERMEC S.p.A achieved the AHRI certification of "Commercial Air Cooled Chiller Packages" program.

This is an additional step forward for Aermec in his development process in order to acquire in the Canadian and North American air conditioning markets a distinctiveness, which will make AERMEC well recognizable as one of the most serious and reliable partner for our customers.