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Posted by on in Aermec North America

Our app has a brand new feature! Access our fancoil and ANK inventory right at your fingertips ...

Download the app on Google Play: Aermec North America | Download the app on iTunes: Aermec North America


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Posted by on in Aermec North America




The 2017 Product Catalogue is here! It includes all of the products in our line as well as our latest innovations. The catalogue has a completely new modern look!

Go to to check it out!

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Posted by on in Aermec North America

Our app is now live! Download the Aermec North America app on the App Store and Google Play. It has everything you need to know about all of our units as well as a quote request page. It also has all of our social media accounts so you can easily follow what we’re up to. Download now!

Download the app on Google Play | Download the app on iTunes: Aermec North America

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Posted by on in Aermec North America

Looking for an Aermec rep near you? We now have a reps map page on our website. You can easily locate a rep to assist you with your needs. Check it out!


Canada Reps Map | United States Reps Map

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Posted by on in Aermec North America

Problem? Question? Concern? We’re here to help. Email our help desk This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Submit your request and one of our team members will get back to you shortly.


Want to access our help desk even easier? Use our Help Desk Widget installed on our website It’s the little green pop up box on the bottom right. Just click “Contact Support”

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Posted by on in Aermec North America

We have a brand new tool! Check out our Unit Information Database Aside from our company website, this is a hub for documents on every unit in our product line.


The new website is modern and user friendly. You can access all of our documents right at your fingertips.


Easily Accessible. Always.

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Aermec NRK air to water heat pumps were installed in the Denver Water Operations Complex Redevelopment. The units were selected for their extreme efficiency and ability to provide 149°F water along with heating mode operation as low as -4°F. The units also provide chilled water and heat recovery.


The Aermec NRK units are reversible heat pumps that are optimized for heating. They are designed for the production of chilled and heated water in residential and commercial buildings. The units were integral to the design strategy as they replaced inefficient machines that could not keep up with the increasing demand of the complex Redevelopment. The Aermec units are also environmentally friendly as they do not use fossil fuels.


Below are details about the project square footage. Also, provided are pictures from the job site! Click here for more information about the project.


Project Facts

Warehouse: 29,000 sq. ft.

Trade Shop and Central Plant: 41,000 sq.ft.

Administration Building: 187,000 sq.ft.

Wellness Center: 8,000 sq.ft.

Meter Shop: 16,000 sq.ft.

Fleet Building: 28,000 sq.ft.

Wash Station: 7,000 sq. ft.



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Aermec’s first stackable modular chiller is here! The new WWM will challenge the way you think about water to water units. We consider it the Rubik's cube of the heating and air conditioning industry.


The WWM consists of independent 30.9 ton modules designed specifically to be fully accessible from only one side. The modules can be linked together side by side, back to back, and stacked to reach a capacity of 960 tons. Up to 32 connectable units with maximum 2 levels of stacking.



The WWM’s industry leading modular design and minimal clearance requirements result in footprints similar to traditional screw and centrifugal chillers which make them ideal replacements of old, inaccessible machines.


That’s the WWM.




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Pack your bags! We are excited to reveal that Aermec North America is travelling across the globe and hosting our Annual Training Seminar in Italy this September! We’re taking 50 of our customers to the factory at the Aermec headquarters in Verona! Ciao! This is an invite only event.

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Posted by on in Aermec North America

Aermec community, we are pleased to announce that we are completely rebranding all of our social media outlets! We cannot wait to show your our new and improved skills. Stay tuned, good things are coming.


Follow us on Twitter @AERMEC_ONLINE

Follow us on Facebook @AermecNorthAmerica

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Posted by on in Aermec North America

On behalf of the Aermec Team, we would like to thank Highmark-NY for their efforts with all of our products. Specifically, we would like to recognize their efforts in regards to the new WWM unit. The excerpt below is from an article in THE NEWS, which is the largest HVAC magazine in North America.

The link to the full article is here and the picture below is also in the online article if you scroll the top pictures panel. Highmark-NY also has another article on their blog located here with regards to the unit unveiling in New York City. The reporter was contacted by Highmark directly and the interview was arranged on our booth by them as well.

Thank you again Highmark, it is always a pleasure working with such great people.


Click here to view pictures of the Highmark event in New York



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Posted by on in Aermec North America

Chiller manufacturers are facing a Jan. 1, 2024, implementation date to phase out the use of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) R-134a, R-410A, and R-407C in new liquid chillers, despite Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute’s (AHRI’s) efforts to change the proposed effective date to Jan. 1, 2025.

Starting in 2024, the three HFC refrigerants will be deemed “unacceptable” in new liquid chillers under the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) program.


AHRI and the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) requested the EPA consider the 2025 effective date to ensure the safety of alternatives, the continued improvement of system efficiency, reasonable product development timelines, and the avoidance of market migration. The EPA, however, declined to extend the date.

You may read the entire article here



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Posted by on in Aermec North America

We are pleased to announce that Aermec has received an Innovation Award! The NYB Chiller and Integrated Free Cooling Chiller has been recognized as a Finalist in the Cooling Category of the 2017 AHR Expo Innovation Awards Competition. A panel of industry professionals, selected for their knowledge and expertise in HVACR, found our product worthy of recognition! 


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Posted by on in Aermec North America

Big changes for radiant heating! Check out the article below to see where the future for air to water is headed. The market is shifting in a way that you need to hear about. Read about it now!

Click here to discover the future of air to water

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We are pleased to announce that Aermec's Test Facility in Bevilacqua Italy has been AHRI certified! The factory has satisfactorily met the test facility requirements and is approved for the purpose of conducting AHRI certification test on Water Chilling Packages Using the Vapor Compression Cycle (Air-Cooled) in accordance with the current AHRI Standards 550/590 and 551/591 and Certification Operations Manual.

Aermec AHRI Certificate

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Posted by on in Aermec North America

Here is a video about the ANK unit!


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Posted by on in Aermec North America

Check out the video comparing an Aermec water system to a VRF refrigerant system!


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  • Patrick
    Patrick says #
    With VRF you will also be tied to the manufacturer you choose for the life of your building and their control system. A VRF system

Posted by on in Aermec North America

Airzone is an automatic zoning system that can be both wired or wireless. Multiple zones  (up to 10) per fan coil so each room has its own temperature. ! Click the link below for the Climazone brochure and to find out more information:





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  • Aermec's NXP unit is a multipurpose water cooled unit for two and four pipe systems that are designed to produce chilled and hot water. 

Innovation, Value, and Market Impact

  • The NXP allows simultaneous and independent production of chilled water and hot water in an efficient way without requiring refrigerant piping through the building as we use water instead. This allows the unit to be considered eco-friendly. Heating and cooling at the same time with automatic heat recovery whenever possible.

  • The NXP is suitable for two or four pipe systems, which covers most project needs.

  • Aermec’s NXP is suitable option as it is considered a green unit due to the geothermal applications. It has simplified installation which includes an all-in-one concept and an option of a build-in Hydronic kit.

  • The multipurpose heat pump units use the most efficient technology which allows maximum heat recovery allowing the heat to be used in other parts of the building rather than being rejected and wasted. (e.g. geothermal or third party equipment). The is a very  low noise unit which is a great addition considering the unit is constructed for indoor installation.

  • The NXP is the next generation of cooling and heating technology for the projects that are looking to be more sustainable and energy efficient. With its total efficiency ratio (TER) of 7.73 in standard conditions, the NXP is becoming a strong contender within the marketplace.



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  • NYB is the first modular chiller with integrated free-cooling coils that meets AHRI standards and New York City codes.

Innovation, Value, and Market Impact

  • Its micro-channel condenser coils provide 40 percent lower charge of R410A refrigerant with zero ODP level.
  • Every module goes though a functionality and performance test at Aermec's certified test chamber before leaving the factory. Factory witnesses are available upon request.

  • The NYB is the most compact integrated free-cooling chiller in North America and easily fits through doors and into elevators.

  • Extensive acoustical testing has allowed sound level reductions through compressor enclosures and specifically designed low noise, inverter driver fans.

  • Also, the Night Mode program offers significant noise reductions during crucial night hours.

All the Benefits of a Single Large Chiller

  • When interconnecting multiple NYB modules, you can obtain all the benefits of a single large chiller up to 255 tons, with 18 compressors, 18 refrigerant circuits and 9 free cooling circuits offering 5.5 percent cooling steps. The microprocessor optimizes these to achieve the desired temperatures while modulating partial load savings across the multiple cooling steps. Meanwhile, each single unit is still able to act independently.

  • The modular concept which provides added benefits of single unit functionality with high efficiency performance and has optional partial heat recovery when in mechanical cooling mode. The NYB will bring savings year around the Eco friendly design will add more value to the project. 

  • The NYB unit is changing the view on how the free cooling chillers are made. The fact that it meets the AHRI minimum standards for chillers is a major advancement in the integrated free cooling industry, which will motivate the manufacturers to even go further. Efficiency and environmental responsibility are becoming more of a concern in today’s world and the NYB is at the top of both of these categories.





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