NRL 280-750 (14-50 Tons)

Aermec NRL 280-750

NRL chillers and heat pumps are equipped with R410A series and are used for outdoors. NRL units have been designed and manufactured to satisfy heating, cooling, or the production of domestic hot water (DHW) in medium to small commercial or residential buildings. With the optional desuperheater or total heat recovery version, there is the possibility of producing hot water for free.

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Multichiller EVO
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CAD & Revit Diagrams
CAD Diagrams
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Electrical Diagrams
NRL 280-330H 2P
NRL 280-350 460V-575V-3-60Hz_4069530
NRL 280-350FC 2P 575V
NRL 280-350H 2P
NRL 280FC-350FC1P_208V-3-60Hz_4956462
NRL 280H-350H2P_460V-575V-3-60Hz_4069510
NRL 280H-350H_460V-575V-3-60Hz_4069520
NRL 300H-350H_230V-3-60Hz_4956163
NRL 350 HE 600
NRL 280-350 230V
NRL 280-350 H
NRL 280-350FC 2P
NRL 280-350H
NRL 280H-330H2P_230V-3-60Hz_4069500
NRL 280H-350H_230V-3-60Hz_4069505
NRL 280H-350H_460V-575V-3-60Hz_COLL-RESIST
NRL 330 FE 704
NRL 350 HE 801