FCXi Fan Coils with Inverter Technology


Technical Data

FCXi Fan Coils with Inverter Technology

Aermec presents its brand new range of FCXi universal fan coils with continuous 0-100% variation of air flow rate.

Thanks to the inverter technology combined with the latest brushless DC electric motor and the extremely high energy efficiency levels, the FCXi fan coils can modulate the air flow rate continuously from 0-100%. This means the capacity is adjusted moment by moment to the specific needs of the air-conditioned room. Resulting in a 50% energy savings during winter and summer air-conditioning ventilation, compared with the traditional On-Off ranges.

Other advantages when compared with traditional on-off fan coils include:

  • Total comfort: reduced temperature swings and relative humidity variations;
  • Quickly obtained temperatures in the air-conditioned rooms;
  • Very quiet operation.

The FCXI inverter fan coils continuously adjust the air flow rate to the immediate load, so they produce lower sound emissions compared with traditional 3-speed on-off models.

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