Ventilcassaforma Cabinet for recessed installation of fan coil in the wall


Technical Data 

Ventilcassaforma is available in one version with the same characteristics but designed to house fan coils from two different series:

CHF Version for FCX-P Series Fan Coils in 2 pipe systems, 2 pipe systems with resistance, and 4 pipe systems.

Ventilcassaforma is made up of the following parts to be assembled:

  • Recess box
  • Closure panel
  • Outer frame with deflector
  • Cover cases, cross-members, covers

All parts are made of galvanized steel and treated with epoxy-polyester resin-based hardening base paint in grey with a rough glazed finish. A desired paint colour can be chosen by the client.

Closure panel: Made of galvanized steel, this is the box housing the fan coil. The box is recessed in the wall during building work, making the construction of a niche where the fan coils will be installed much easier. Holes for fitting the fan coil and preparing an electric plant with a socket and GEWISS fuse holder are already present on the back panel. The box can accommodate the hydraulic system pipes and condensation drain pipes thanks to the presence of several easily-removable elements on the sides and base. The panel is easily removable for servicing and cleaning the air filter.

Outer Frame: the perimeter of the box has an outer frame made of pre-treated steel making it possible to cover the perimeter part of the wall and hide any imperfections that overtime show possible crumbling on the edge of the plaster work.

Deflector: manual, with which the flow of air can be directed into the room. The deflector is incorporated in the frame.