ANK Air to Water Heat Pumps (2.5 - 4 tons)


Technical Data


The ANK reversible heat pump produces hot water of up to 60°C in outdoor temperatures between -20°C and 42°C. It reduces heating costs by up to 30% compared with the best conventional systems and condensation boilers. They can be combined with all terminals (radiant panels, fancoils and radiators) and is also able to produce domestic hot water. Available with high efficiency compressors and also available in versions with circulation pump only, or with accumulation as well.

  • Production of Hot Water Up to 140°F
  • Optimized for Heat Pump Operation
  • High Efficiency Compressors
  • Heating Operation with Outdoor Temperatures Down to -4°F
  • Production of Hot Domestic Water with Outdoor Temperatures from -4°F to 108°F
  • A Version with Circulation Pump and Storage Tank


  • Available in two sizes
  • Version Available: ANK HA: Version with circulation pump and storage tank
  • High - efficiency scroll compressor
  • Flow switch fitted as standard
  • Electronic control card with start timing and management of defrosting cycles
  • Electric heater for the compressor casing
  • High efficiency heat exchanges
  • Axial flow fans for quiet operations
  • Metal protective cabinet with rustproof polyester paint
  • Softstart electric starting current reduction device (standard for single phase versions)


VT: Shock absorbers

Compatible Accessories

Ank HA 030 045 050
VT15 • • •

Example of the commercial code: ANK045HA°°°°5. This is an ANK unit, size 045, with heat pump, with pump and storage tank, aluminum condensing coils, evaporator and electrical panel for compressors with motors 1- 220V 60 Hz.

Technical Data

Outlet water temperature 44.6°F
Flow rate - 2.4g pm/Ton
External temperature 95°F

(1*) The total input power not include the pump.

Water input temperature 104°F
Output water temperature 113°F
External air temperature 44.6-42.8°F

(3) The reported data can be amended at any time Aermec considers it necessary.

(4) Sound power
Aermec determines sound power values in agreement with the 9614-2 Standard, in compliance with that requested by Eurovent

(5) Sound pressure
Sound Pressure measured in free field conditions with reflective surface (directivity factor Q=2) at 10mt distance from external surface of unit, in compliance with ISO 3744 regulations.