NLCH Air Cooled heat pumps with inverter fans 15-90 ton


Technical Data

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Cooling capacity from 15 ton to 90 ton.

Heating capacity from 191,000 Btu to 1,191,000 Btu.

The NLC pumps are reversible heat pumps, designed and manufactured for the production of chilled / heated water in residential / com-mercial buildings.The units are equipped with high efficiency scroll compressors, plug-fans, external copper coils with aluminium louvers, plate heat exchangers on the system side. In the units (with desuperheater), in the cooling mode, there is also the possibility of producing hot water for free.


NLC_HA High efficiency

NLC_HE  Silenced high efficiency

Operating range: Work up to 115°F of outdoor air temperature at full load, depending on size and version.

  • The range includes units with two single circuit compressors and units with four compressors divided into two independent circuits. 
  • The possibility of using the electronic thermostatic valve brings significant benefits, especially when the heat pump is working at partial loads to the benefit of the unit's energy efficiency.   
  • The units are equipped with plug-fans and inverter motors coupled directly with the fan, with the electronic condensation control as standard, which adjusts the air flow accord-ing to the actual system requirements, with benefits in terms of consumption and noise reduction. In addition, compared to conventional centrifugal fans, they do not feature belt and pulley transmission, resulting in easy flow adjustment, compactness, versatility, easy maintenance and no vibrations
  • Possibility of integrated hydronic kit that encloses the main hydraulic components; it is available in different configurations with one or two pumps, with different static pressures available, with or without storage tank.
  • Horizontal or vertical air flow.
  • Microprocessor adjustment, with keyboard and LCD display, for easy consultation and intervention on the unit via a menu available in several languages. 
  • Adjustment includes complete management of the alarms and their log.
  • - The presence of a programmable timer allows setting time bands of operation and a possible second set-point.
  • - The temperature control takes place with the integral proportional logic, based on the water output temperature.
  • -  Night Mode: it is possible to set a silenced operation profile.  Perfect for night operation, since it guarantees greater acoustic comfort in the evenings, and a high efficiency in the time of greater load.