NRK Air Cooled heat pumps 5-42 ton


Data Sheet

Technical Data

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Cooling capacity from 5 ton to 42 ton.

Heating capacity from 71,655 Btu to 600,000 Btu.

Production of hot water up to 150 °F.

Runs down to -4 °F in heating mode.

The NRK units are reversible heat pumps optimized for heating, designed and manufactured for the production of chilled / heated water in residential / commercial buildings.The units are equipped with high efficiency scroll compressors, axial fans, external copper coils with aluminium louvers, plate heat exchangers on the system side. In the units with desuperheater (partial heat recovery), in the cooling mode, there is also the possibility of producing hot water for free.


NRK_H High efficiency

NRK_HA High efficiency

NRK_HE High efficiency low noise version

Operating range: Work down to -4 °F of outdoor air temperature in heating mode and up to 119°F in cooling mode (for more information see the technical documentation). For more details on operating limits, refer to the technical documentation

  • The range includes units with one circuit for the sizes from 0090 up to 0150 and two single circuits from 0280 up to 0700. 
  • Vapor-injection scroll compressor with high capacity and low electrical consumption.
  • Integrated hydronic kit including buffer tank and pumps
  • Heat exchanges optimized to exploit the excellent heat transfer characteristics of the R410A.
  • Flow switch fitted as standard.
  • Water filter
  • Units fitted as standard with fan speed controller (DCPX).
  • Microprocessor controls.
  • - Control from the leaving water temperature, with the possibility of selecting control of the entering water temperature.
  • - Condensing control in summer with a 0-10 V modulating signal based on pressure and compensated for external air temperature 
  • - Automatic rotation of compressors and pumps based on operating hours 
  • - Load limiting safety control
  • Metallic protective cabinet with anti-corrosion
  • Polyester paint