NYB Air-Cooled chillers with Axial fans 28.3 - 255 Ton


Technical Data 

 NYB is made of independent 28 ton modules which can be connected together up to 255 ton cooling capacity.

  • High Efficiency Version
  • Silenced High Efficiency Version
  • 2 Cooling Circuits


  • Can be coupled up to 9 chillers
  • Refrigerant R410A
  • 2 cooling circuits
  • High efficiency even with partial loads
  • Heat exchangers optimized to exploit the excellent heat transfer characteristics of the R410A
  • High-efficiency scroll compressors
  • Axial flow fans with reduced noise level
  • Solid construction with polyester anti-corrosion painted finish
  • Cooling mode up to 115°F
  • Operation modes:
    Standard Chiller, Free Cooling


  • AER485P1: RS-485 interface for supervision systems with MODBUS protocol.
  • PGD1: Remote chiller controller.
  • DRE: Current soft starter device (about 30% reduction for single-circuit-units, 26% for two-circuit-units, 22% for three-circuit-units) Only available for 3-phase power supply. It must be factory set.
  • GP: Protection grille, protects the external coil from accidental knocks.
  • RIF: Capacitor device. Connected in parallel to the motor winding. It allows to maintain a constant COS? at 0.95 and also allows an input current reduction (about 10%). It must be factory set when the unit is manufactured.
  • MUTLICHILLER: Control system to switch the individual chillers on and off, and command them, in a system in which several units are installed in parallel, always ensuring a constant delivery to the evaporators.
  • FB: Air filter protecting micro channel coils.


Code: NYB

Size: 0500

Compressor: 0 - Compressor standard ad R410A

Thermostatic valve:
° - Standard mechanical thermostatic valve (produced water down to +39.2F)

° - Cooling only
F - Free-cooling

Heat recovery units:
° - Without recovery units

D - With Desuperheater

A - High efficiency
E - High efficiency, silenced version

° - Aluminum
R - Copper
S - Tinned copper
O - Painted aluminum

° - Standard

J - Inverter

Power supply:
6 - 460V/3N/60Hz with thermomagnetic switches
7 - 230V/3/60Hz with thermosmagnetic switches
8 - 575V/3/60Hz with thermosmagnetic switches

Hydronic Kit: (options listed are available only for models "F" Free cooling)
00 - without storage tank