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Air Condensers with Axial Fans

  • Configuration: 2 exchangers arranged in a V
  • 2 independent circuits
  • 2 of fans files
  • Wide range of power
  • 56 Available models of Air condensers
  • Fan Diameter: 800 mm
  • From 4 to 10 fans
  • ventilation separate compartments for each fan

Construction Features

Made using technologies and materials that guarantee long-term resistance to weathering. 
Exchangers high efficiency finned coil, made with copper pipes and aluminum fins. Axial fans diameter 800 mm of the latest generation both in AC version that CEs to minimize energy consumption. The standard units are supplied with wired fans and junction box with terminals.

Versions Available

BTD: 6 poles with a delta connection 
: 6-pin BTY with star connection 
STD: 8 poles with a delta connection 
: 8-pole STY with star connection 
ETD: 12 poles with a delta connection 
ETY: 12-pin with star connection 
CTB: EC fan motor high power 
CTE: EC fan motor with low noise