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Innovation & Efficiency

Aermec strives to provide the most efficient and innovative HVAC solutions to the North American Market. Aermec was founded in 1953 and brought to North America in 2008. Industry leading innovation.
Aermec North America History Aermec was brought to North America in 2008 and has continued to grow over the years. We are proud to represent Aermec in Canada as our roots are in Italian soil....
Mission & Vision
Mission Statement Aermec North America is dedicated to providing superior technical help to sales representatives, technicians, and engineers on site and in the field. Further, we lead the way with our unparalleled commitment to superior...
Green Solution
R401A Aermec products are environmentally friendly due to the increased energy efficiency and the use of R410A refrigerant which is harmless to the ozone layer. R410A is a highly efficient thermo-dynamic fluid that guarantees a reduction...

Quality Assurance

Aermec North America offers some of the most innovative products on the market. All of our products are manufactured at Aermec Headquarters in Bevilacqua, Italy. Prior to shipment, all units are run tested in order to ensure the highest quality. A witness test is also available on request. Providing you with peace of mind.



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This app is a hub for all of the most up to date documents about all of the units that we offer! The app provides: Company Overview, Contact Information, Website Link, Quote Request, Product Files, and Inventory. Aermec is the industry leader in providing innovative heating and air conditioning solutions. Download the app now!

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