Aermec North America History

Aermec was brought to North America in 2008 and has continued to grow over the years. We are proud to represent Aermec in Canada as our roots are in Italian soil. Take a look and see the events that make Aermec North America who we are today!


The world’s first stackable modular chiller was created for North America. The WWM

Aermec NYB Wins AHR Expo Innovation Award


NRK air to water with 149°F water and the highest air to water COPs is released for the USA

Denver Water's Operations Complex Redevelopment chooses Aermec NRK units for their project


NYB the world’s first Modular Free Cooling Chiller is designed for North America

NYB wins product of the year award at MCEE


NXP water to water and NRP air to water simultaneous heating and cooling unit is delivered to North America


ANK unit is the first Heat Pump to be certified and listed on the California CEC website

NRP Wins AHR Expo Innovation Award


All sizes of NRL heat pumps and chillers are certified for North America

Aermec has fully arrived


Luca Leardini becomes our Aermec Factory Representative

NRL heat pumps enter certification process


Set up partners across Canada and Western USA


First commercial Aermec heat pumps and chillers for North America. R407C Units


Mits Airconditioning becomes the North American Master Distributor for Aermec


Tested 50Hz heat pumps in Canada and distributed various fan coils accross Canada

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