Aermec Team

Aermec S.p.A. has its offices in Bevilacqua, Italy.
To contact the manufacturer, Aermec S.p.A., P
lease see

Mits Airconditioning Inc. is the North American Master Distributor for Aermec S.p.A. products.
For North American sales and product inquiries, please contact the Mits Airconditioning Inc. team as listed below.


Jim Chaters

Sales Manager: North America
(905) 362-5278

Chesley Payongayong

Office Manager
(905) 362-5289

Engineering sales and Applications Department

Jacob Tomlinson

Engineering Sales
(905) 362-5281

Mahodin AL Khurram

Engineering Sales
(905) 564-2221 ext. 295

Nahid Hassan

Engineering Sales
(905) 564-2221 ext. 220

Fady Noshi

Engineering Sales
(905) 564-2221 ext. 279

Adelya Suleymanova

Engineering Sales
(905) 564-2221 ext. 375

Technical service  Department

Olav De Mello

Manager: Technical Service Support
(647) 243-1360

Loftus McDowell

Parts and Inventory Coordinator
(905) 564-2221 ext. 376

Ted Tracewicz

Technical Support
(905) 362-5292

ADMIN Department


Admin Assistant
(905) 564-2221 ext. 363

mARKETING Department


Marketing Coordinator
(905) 564-2221 ext. 212