AHR Expo Innovation Award 2017

Aermec's NYB was honored to be a finalist for the AHR 2017 Innovation Award. The unit was running in the Cooling category as is operates as Chiller and Integrated Free Cooling Chiller.

Products were reviewed  by professionals selected for their knowledge and expertise in the HVACR industry. They found our product worthy of recognition.


The NYB won the New Product Competition at the MCEE 2015 Trade Show and Conference in the Heating and/or Cooling Hydronic Applicances category.

With a focus on energy efficiency and innovation, more than 120 innovative products were part
of the 2015 competition. Winners were selected by a panel of industry experts and we are happy to announce that the NYB won!

AHE Expo Innovation Awards 2013

Aermec has been recognized from ExpoAHR and its co-sponsors, ASHRAE and AHRI, with an honorable mention in the cooling category of the AHR 2013 Expo Innovation Awards.

A group of sector professionals, selected for their knowledge of and experience with HVACR, found the NRP air-water heat pump to be worthy of recognition.