NYBi Inverter (29 Tons)

Aermec NYB

NYBi is a modular 29 ton chiller with two inverter compressors. Multiple modules may be connected together to total up to 255 tons cooling capacity. Every individual module produces chilled water with high efficiency scroll compressors, axial fans, microchannel coils, and a system side plate heat exchanger. Units with the desuperheater option can also produce hot water for free.

The base, the structure, and the panels are made of treated galvanized steel with rustproof polyester paint. With the NYBi it is possible to couple up to 9 chillers designed to keep overall unit dimensions to a minimum. This modularity adapts the installation to actual system development requirements. This way, the cooling capacity may be increased over time in a simple and economical manner.

NYBi & NYBi FC Documents

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