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On an FCZ is the 4-pipe orientation a single block coil or a separate heating and cooling coil?

We can order it either way from the factory as a single coil or 2 coils.

Can I get an FCZ in a 2 or 4 pipe orientation?

The FCZ is available as both 2-pipe or 4-pipe from the factory.

What are the differences between FCX and FCZ?

1. We can order units as 4-pipe from the factory with a single coil or with a removable heating coil.
2. We have the option for a single row heating coil or double row heating coil in the FCZ(I).
3. We have the option to oversize the cooling coil in the FCZ(I).
4. For Cabinet style units we have a couple new options for how the case is orientated.
5. Some of the capacities will be different on the FCZ and FCX when comparing same frame sized units.
6. On the FCZI units we now have the option to connect them to 120V or 220V with the same motor.
7. FCZ units can have electrical and hydronic connections on the same side.