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New ANK Pre and Post Installation Forms!

In an effort to streamline our processes, all prospective ANK installations must be approved by our team. This program is for residential contractors who wish to receive free extended warranty for 5 years. If the form is not filled out then standard warranty applies. Use our online forms to submit a request and our team will be on it right away!
ANK Pre Installation Form
ANK Post Installation Form

Start Up and Warranty Forms

Commissioning and Start Up Form
Parts Order Form
Request for Startup Form
Warranty Request Form
Extended warranty available. Please contact if you are interested

How to Make a Warranty Claim

  • Contractor is paid based on Prime Warranty's reimbursement schedule
  • Contractors are paid on two different rates when submitting a claim $125hr or $400hr the rate is based on which rate was chosen when purchasing the warranty you should have pricing for both rates
  • Contractors do not need approval from Prime to repair the unit
  • After the unit is repaired, contractors submit their claims directly to Prime Warranty
  • They can use the attached claim form or use their own form, as long as we have all the info needed to process the claim.
  • If all info is correct with the allotted hours, contractor will be paid by Prime within 30 days
  • If information is missing Prime will request the additional information needed to process the claim by email to the contractor (this could delay the payment period of 30 days)
  • Contractors should know it is at our discretion to request parts invoices
  • Claims can be submitted to or
Service Claim Form (US)
Service Claim Form (Canada)